Joyner Lucas – What’s Poppin (Remix What’s Gucci) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Joyner Lucas – What’s Poppin (Remix What Gucci) NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

What’s Poppin by Joyner Lucas has just come out with animated visuals.

What’s Poppin by Joyner Lucas is a new hip hop song featuring Poppin and it’s a remix of What Gucci. This rapper continues to prepare for the release of Evolution and delivers his remix. As fans await his next project. Nowadays artists just can’t help us be drawn to jack Harlow’s What’s Poppin. This single became a viral sensation. Especially when Tik Tok users featured a clip of the song for their social media flexes. So Harlow returned with the official remix to the track, a new version stacked with heavy-hitters including Lil Wayne. DaBaby and Tory Lanez.

In fact, Justin Bieber showed off his rapping skills to the What’s Poppin beat. Now it’s Joyner Lucas’ turn as the applauded emcee shred What’s Poppin Remix What’s Gucci on Friday, August 28th.

Even this is undeniable that Joyner Lucas is a formidable force lyrically. And he blazes through what’s Poppin Remix What’s Gucci effortlessly. So it is a Lucas offering that you don’t want to miss. So you can give this one a few spins and make to check back with us. Check out the new hip hop song What’s Poppin by Joyner Lucas remix of What Gucci. If you like the song give some feedback in the comment section. For more updates stay connected with us.


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