Meghan Thee Stallion Drops Freestyle Addressing Recent Shooting || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

VH1 Shares Unreleased Audition Tape Clip Of Megan Thee Stallion || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

After receiving the MTV Video Music Awards, Meghan Thee Stallion drops freestyle to share with her fans.

So, the rapper Meghan Thee Stallion won the award for ‘Best Hip-Hop’ at MTV Video Music Awards. As well as she shares something for her fans.

Today while sitting on table sporting an orange bikini, she talks about some important issues. She addresses the recent shooting incident, where she blames Tory Lanez for the incident which left her wounded in both of her feet.

Moreover, for the past two months or so after the break, the rapper has been doing impromptu freestyles regularly.

In the video while addressing the issue, Meghan Thee Stallion drops freestyle for her fans. “Tic tac toe, I X this bitch, if a hit dog holler, I address that shit.” Meghan starts off to address her comeback for a setback. “

Besides, on Saturday, she performed a virtual concert on TIDAL. Delivering her hits like ‘Hot Girl Summer’, ‘Savage’, and ‘Big Ole Freak’ with some help from backup dancers.

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