Zo Morese – Hot Minute || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Hot Minute by Zo Morese

Amidst of this pandemic situation, Zo Morese had a busy 2020. From releasing the album A Poet’s Pandemic and several single tracks, the rapper is now unleashing a new banger. So that would be called Hot Minute by Zo Morese.

The new hip hop song comes in a smooth chanting with a hip-hop twist. And to create a melodic exposition for the ladies, Zo Morese pushes his typical hushed vocals through autotune. It clearly seems that Zo drifts over this R&B inspired instrumental with smooth efficiency.

Among the top 5 tracks from the rapper, the song “Hot Minute” blends R&B, trap, and pop with amazing ease. Even though the track can be somewhat repetitive, but it does works in Zo’s favor. Meanwhile, click below to play the Catchy, fun, and sexy new hip hop song, Hot Minute by Zo Morese, and even before the track ends, you’ll surely find yourself humming the melody as if you’ve known the song for years.

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