Melvoni – Penny Up || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Penny Up by Melvoni

It seems like young rappers might take over the hip-hop industry with their talent. Penny Up by Melvoni has just released and the song won’t fail you to not like.

It is just a start for this 17-year-old Melvoni. And by dropping his March EP, “WHO TF IS MELVONI?.” He has moderately answered the question that he posed on the title. Although Melvoni continues to prove to his fans that there are deeper layers to his music and character.

So, this weekend, the rapper is back with a new hip hop song that gives a better understanding of what he has come up in his new track this time. As the song seem to have instruments with the looming 808 drums. It has muddy keys and sax loops join together as Melvoni bounces between laidback flows and smooth, soulful melodies.

Even though this new track of Melvoni arrives just a few weeks after he released his last single, “ONE MAN ARMY.” Yet the release of these two songs, it seems fans can expect a full project of this Brooklyn rapper in the coming future.

So stay tuned with us and click below to watch Penny Up by Melvoni music video.

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