HoodCelebrityy & Kash Doll – So Pretty || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

So Pretty by HoodCelebrityy

So Pretty by HoodCelebrity and Kash doll is a new hip hop song that would be a banger.

So, earlier HoodCelebrityy was releasing songs that lessened the gap between her native Jamaica and her adopted home in the Bronx. She was just another New Yorker with a dream working retail. But time and scenario changed after her ex-best friend Cardi B posted her song “Wine Pon It.” It did get famous and led to a feature on her popular Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2 mixtapes.

However, the artist isn’t much on the good terms with her KSR labelmate. But apart from that, she definitely shares her sex-positive attitude in her music. Although her energy matches with Kash Doll. It is good news for fans that Kash Doll joins her for a new hip hop song and video titled “So Pretty.” The track shows appreciation for beautiful women around the world, with minimally sensual beat flowing.

Moreover, HoodCelebrityy share with Complex “I wrote ‘So Pretty’ to let women know that they are all beautiful and valued, I wanted to show my appreciation for the beauty in diversity. I’m always about supporting women empowerment and want to reinforce the importance of self-love. I also wanted to let girls know that beauty comes from within and from having confidence in yourself. That’s why I also had to get Kash Doll on this song. She exudes confidence and has such a boss mentality.”

So, click below to watch the video for So Pretty by HoodCelebrityy and Kash Doll. Stay tuned with us for its debut on streaming services this Friday.

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