Namir Blade – Space Ghost || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Space Ghost by Namir Blade

Space Ghost by Namir Blade will give you a different aspect to the new hip hop song genre.

As you would know that Namir Blade has released a conceptual album, it was called “Aphelion’s Traveling Circus.” The new hip hop song is from that album. It comes a long with a vintage music video. Fans will enjoy such talent artist music. So, the rapper comes from Nashville, Tenessee and like any other artist, he has got big dreams in young age. Also, he has the potentional to reach high in his journey.

There is bunch of different cultural frameworks, that the young rapper used in his album, and he did work hard for his album. Just by lookin at the title, it is an obvious state that it might be inspired by William Shakespeare. He did agree to it.

As it was reported to have said that, “for as long as I can remember, I’ve thought about the quote from Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy As You Like It,” he explains, in a press release. “The melancholy Jaques stated that the world is a stage, and went on to compare the moments in human life, to several acts. I’ve often thought of my life as a Circus, complete with several acts, interludes, and intermissions.”

However, Space Ghost by Namir Glade track has this dreamlike and atomospheric cut where the rapper flexes his vocals. So, don’t miss out on this track, enjoy listening to the song below.


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