Bryson Tiller Releasing New Album Again This Year || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

Bryson Tiller Reveals Upcoming Album ‘Serenity’ Will Be A Triple Disc || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

As the rapper-singer has been away for some time. He is now making it up to the fans as Bryson Tiller releasing new album again this year.

Earlier today the artist was a guest on .WAV RADIO on Apple Music. Where during talking he announces that, Bryson Tiller releasing new album. The surprise announcement was a big news for the fan. As he says the new album will be released by this year before it’s over.

Moreover, when Travis was asked what is he up to these days he says, “Back out here in L.A. man, just making music, gearing up for this next project, next album coming out later this year,”

However, on the show alongside with Travis Scott and Chase B where he debuted a new song with Travis called ‘Blunt Talk.’ Besides, Travis also played another untitled song with 21 Savage as well.

The Louisville, Kentucky artist adds a few songs on Anniversary were actually from the TRAPSOUL era. Which serves as a good warm up for the new music he’s making at the moment.

In addition, he explains about the Drake collaboration ‘Outta Time’ in an interview with Genius.

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