Chip – Flowers || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Flowers by Chip Sends

A hot new hip hop song just dropped by and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

So Flowers by Chip is a new track that seems to show the beef between Stormzy and the rapper. However, it doesn’t stay secret as the song kind of tells you how Chip decides to diss him. Even though Stormzy has high levels in the music industry of the UK. Moreover, Storm used to have to call Wiley his mentor earlier this year but now he is standing at the opposite grounds because Chip is making his way up.

The rapper couldn’t hold back his rage so shares with the world his new song, “Flowers.” Chip tries to present a heavy grime instrumental picking and shares details of breaking off his friendship.

So, this feud basically started between them when Wiley’s feud had happened with Stormzy. As he went on declaring himself as the King Of Grime. Moreover, Chip did come out with another track called, “WAZE.” This single was with Skepta and Young Adz and it does mention the beef too but then Storm came out with his single, “I Dunno.”

Now, who knows how long this fight might go but for now we can enjoy such firing single. So listen to Flowers by Chip below.

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