Ari Lennox & Elite – Cognac Eyes || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Cognac Eyes by Ari Lennox

It was a sudden surprise from an artist who drops off a new record without alarming her fans. Cognac Eyes by Ari Lennox is a new track just got released.

So, she decided to show up this track on Soundcloud. Now that is a different step that Lennox has thought to shock her fans. However, there are more things that have been going over at the Dreamville camp. As recently J. Cole has and Ib’s label; was announced and it will be expanding into a multi-disciplinary media company. It means there is a chance that we will receive new hip hop songs from the label’s First Lady.

Moreover, there is some spicey news that was reported that this decision in Dreamville was not actually approved in the first place. But as Cognac Eyes by Ari Lennox track has come out which is a collaboration with Elite. And it popped up secretly without Dreamville not getting a notice of it, so it is available in Soundcloud. We could expect that there is more than will be seen in the future maybe.

Now, the new song is a smooth R&B type. There was a tweet by the Washington artist, “so sorry fixing one thing in cognac eyes. It will be available in 20 minutes on my secret SoundCloud page that the label doesn’t know about.” Following this then Elite also showed up in the comment section of the song. He shares that “Whipped Cream” and “Cognac Eyes” was recorded on the same day.

Furthermore, it was good to have Ari Lennox back within us as fans have been loving her last album. It was called “Shea Butter Baby.And now she is back with some more new singles like the last one was released in September, name “Chocolate Pomegranate.”

Looking forward to what else the 29-year-old artist has for us. For now, enjoy the new song below.


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