Deniro Farrar – Winter (FEAT. Lute & Southside Gauxst) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Winter by Deniro Farrar

Winter is here and so rappers are making up cozy tracks for their fans. Let’s just say Winter by Deniro Farrar is going to be your playlist for this season.

The 31-years old rapper has returned come back and he’s not alone this time. As Lute and Southside Gauxst joins with him for his latest track. However, Deniro is an inspiring artist has through his songs, he tries to promote physical activities and meditation. This time the rapper comes with a track talking about the reality that would hit you hard. Even though before the pandemic situation occurred, Deniro did drop his new album “Sole Food.” But he couldn’t properly reach out to his fans. But he’s back with some fresh new song for his fans.

Winter by Deniro Farrar featuring Lute and Southside Gauxst is a single that reflects on anxieties and fears. Now, people have gone through a lot this year. As Deniro raps, “Bobbin’ and weavin’ if they sneezin’, this coronavirus ain’t no joke/ Upper respiratory problems got my prayin’ for my granny.”

So, listen to the track below. Let us know if you like it or loved it in the comments below.

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