Coachella 2021 Is Cancelled || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

Coachella 2021 Is Cancelled LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

As we all are aware last year when the pandemic impacts the U.S. March 11th it was a massive day. Many events were postponing and cancelling their events for the year. Following that it looks like Coachella 2021 is cancelled as well.

Moreover, NBA suspends their season on May 11th  last year, as well as Coachella postponing its 2020 festival. The headliners were supposed to be Rage Against The Machine, Frank Ocean and Travis Scott. Unfortunately, the dates they were aiming for at that time, were in the middle of October. But of course, as it was coming, we could understand that it was never going to happen either.

However, to the surprise of many it was not yet clear that this year’s festival would have to be cancelled too. Dates were announced as though things were happening as normal, despite the doubt of the public. As many expects today, this year’s festival of Coachella 2021 is cancelled officially.

Even though, there is no news on it whether they are planning on setting a new date. But we would not be counting on it to happen any time soon or this year at all. Still our fingers are crossed for the upcoming 2022 events. And hopefully the next year is going to be a completely normal year.

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