Trippie Redd’s ‘Neon Shark’ Album Leaks Online In Entirely || LATEST HIP HOP NEWS AND RUMOURS

Trippie Redd – Buzz || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Looks like Trippie Redd’s ‘Neon Shark’ leaks online leaving him a victim of massive leak once again.

So, the latest album of Trippie Redd’s ‘Neon Shark’; is a deluxe edition of his last project Pegasus has leaked online entirely. It serves as a sort of disc 2 to his previous album and finds Travis Barker assisting on each track. Moreover, the album reportedly went live on TIDAL at midnight on Friday. However, it was quickly taken down so that is all good. But some fans are quick enough to grab a hold of it quickly and download all tracks.

However, Neon Shark did not release on any other streaming services and the listening link was disabled. After disabling the link the release date was mentioned and the album will be releasing on February 12th.

Besides, the album features collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly, blackbear and many more.

Even though it is an odd situation but it certainly is not the first time that Trippie’s entire album surfaced online. Same happened with his earlier album Pegasus, the full project containing 26 sings leaked online two months in advance of the official release. Like previously, in this case, it doesn’t look likely that they will change anything with the track listing for the drop next month.

Let’s wait for the release of the album for a couple of days more; and we will keep you updated with the following news.

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