LBS Kee’vin By Bless The Booth Freestyle || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEO)

So, recently the Florida rapper LBS Kee’vin delivers a swift freestyle for Audiomack’s Bless The Booth Freestyle series. Freestyle by LBS Kee’vin dropped like a bomb.

Freestyle has been a major part of hip hop and it did not lose it’s art. Audiomack has been working to shine a spotlight on those brave artists with a freestyle series; called Bless The Booth. This series has been bought for all the rappers of new generation, who do not shy away from the mic.

Earlier, the past entries of this series include; Reason, Bay Swag, Jasmine, Bizzy Banks, Payroll Giovanni, and the late King Von. Most of the freestyle features in Audiomack’s recurring segment are about one minute longer. Also, giving artist enough time to show what they are capable of as emcees.

Moreover, in the latest addition to their bubbling freestyle series, Freestyle by LBS Kee’vin steps up to Bless The Booth.

As well as, following the release of his Belair Baby 2 mixtape last December; LBS Kee’vin;s “Bless The Booth Freestyle” finds the Florida rapper in zone. Although his freestyle is actually much shorter than one minute runtime of the video would allude to. Also, it display’s LBS Kee’vin’s wit, flow, and overall lyrical ability.

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