Bad Meets Evil By Welcome 2 Hell || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Bad Meets Evil – Welcome 2 Hell NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Well, it has been a quite some time we have heard anything from Bad Meets Evil. And finally, after ten years we get Welcome 2 Hell by Bad Meets Evil.

So, Bad Meets Evil is a diabolic partnership forged by Detroit emcees Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem. Although there have been a few hints indicating that a sequel is on the horizon. For the most part, Bad Meets Evil 2 falls firmly into wishful thinking territory. As such, it feels appropriate to highlight one of the project’s highlights; especially in light of our recent conversation with the legendary Havoc.

However, it so happens, that the Mobb Depp producer laced the album’s opening track “Welcome 2 Hell.” Conjuring up an appropriately dark and ominous backdrop for Em and Royce to body. On that note, the track contains some of Slim and Nickel’s most fluid chemistry. With each verse arranged to segue brilliantly into the next.

Should they indeed look to reunite for another new effort, it would certainly behoove them to bring Havoc back into the mis. As his grimy and notably dark approach speaks effectively to the group’s preferred aesthetic.

Besides, be sure to check this latest hip hop song Welcome 2 Hell by Bad Meets Evil out. Especially if you need a reminder of why Em and Royce are revered as a duo. If they do, would you welcome a sequel to Hell: The Sequel?


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