Frank Ocean By Novacane || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Frank Ocean By Novacane NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Novacane by Frank Ocean is a major throwback from 10 years ago. The artist was known for his presence by the release of his single “Novacane.”

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Novacane by Frank Ocean. Odd Future’s introduction to the game shifted hip hop and pop culture entirely moving forward.

Also, the debut projects from Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt brought some much needed excitement to the rap game. But it was Frank Ocean’s “Novacane,” Ultra that left an everlasting impact in music forever.

As, today marks the 10 years anniversary of the mixtape’s release. So, what better time than to revisit the debut single from the project “Novacane.”

Well, it is a twist on the average love song, one that finds Frank offering some sly commentary; on the state of the world and the feeling of numbness.

Besdies, Novacane has been a classic and is truly what began the journey for Frank Ocean. Listen to the classic record today, and share your nostalgic memories with your favourite song.

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