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Big Sean has admitted in the past that he went through a tough phase of depression. And recently Big Sean contemplates suicide with gun in his hands.

So, Big Sean expresses on Twitter saying that, “I do not feel like this currently, but I had never gone through wanting to kill myself. Give up on my life until the past few years and I did not realize how important it was; to embrace the ups and downs of life and enjoy taking active steps to better it.”

Moreover, he posts this on twitter at the time of the release of his latest album Detroit 2 “It’s the Journey!”

In addition, in a new interview with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson for his new series premiering on Facebook Watch called One Question, One Mike. The Detroit rapper further went into details about how deep he was into the dark place. He also said that, Big Sean contemplates suicide with gun in his hands.

He says to Dr. Dyson that, “I for sure contemplated suicide many times, having guns in my hands; and really just feeling it, for real.” “Not even trying to be dramatic. Planning it out to the point where I said; ‘If I do kill myself, at least my family will get this amount of money. I would have done this already.’ All these things. Because I just was stressed out and not happy and I realized that I need that to stop everything. I am doing and figure this out or Ima self-destruct.”

Besides, he previously insinuated the same on his song “Deep Reverence” featuring Nipsey Hussle from Detroit 2.

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