Siena Liggins – No Valet|| NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Siena Liggins – No Valet NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Siena Liggins is not just a treat for the ears but for the eyes as well. As the artist releases her new sultry hip hop banger No Valet by Siena Liggins.

Through her latest release of No Valet by Siena Liggins, she shows her fans that he is an artist to watch for. And over a period of time Siena Liggins has been making the name for herself. As the artist continues to build upon their sound and give fans something to be excited about.

In a short amount of time, Liggins is able to showcase her succinct song writing ability, and if you love pop music and want to hear something new, then this is definitely for you.

However, Siena Liggins’ influences are mostly from the pop world and based on her output. It is clear she is already one of the more unique pop artists out here. Finally, on April 27th she will be dropping her debut album Ms. Out Tonight. And one of the latest singles from the project is called “No Valet.”

Moreover, in a statement, Liggins’ describes this song as; a “steamy, downtempo braggadocio disguised as a backseat car anthem for whatever happens after the after party.”

Besides, this is a pretty apt description for it as Liggins sings lustfully over a brooding instrumental; all while delivering some hedonistic lyrics that take pop sounds into an unfamiliar place.

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