Morray – Can’t Use Me || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Morray – Can’t Use Me NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Morray is here again with his brand new soulful single off his latest hip hop single “Street Sermons.” Can’t Use Me by Morray is the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s soulful vocals.

So, today Interscope’s rising star Morray has come through with his debut mixtape Street Sermons. A thirteen track effort featuring many of his recently released singles. In honour of the big drop, Morray drops yet another new video for Can’t Use Me. It is a soulful guitar-driven track that serves as the perfect backdrop; for the rapper’s soulful and passionate vocals.

And in an era where many rappers ring closer to melodist than emcee, Morray toes the line effectively. Through boasting a powerful voice honed from years in the church choir.

Moreover, not only does “Can’t Use Me” highlight his vocal chops, but also his flow. Which easily stands as one of the deadliest tools in his arsenal. There’s a fluidity that speaks to his ear for precision; and he has yet to meet an instrumental he can’t body with calculated grace. It’s no wonder Interscope appear to be throwing their considerable weight behind the talent. Who has already earned co-signs from J. Cole, DaBaby, Rick Ross, JAY-Z, and more.

For more, be sure to check out Can’t Use Me by Morray and his debut mixtape Street Sermons. Besides, if that’s not enough, check out an exclusive clip from Morray’s upcoming “Up Next” interview with Apple Music, during which he discusses following in J. Cole’s footsteps.

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