Lil Tecca – Never Left || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Lil Tecca – Never Left NEW HIP HOP SONGS

So, the young rapper comes back with a latest hip hop song Never Left by Lil Tecca. Which means there could be more in store on our way.

Lil Tecca got huge recognition from his songs like the infectious ‘Ransom.’ Which elevates him into an instant hip hop sensation. But ever since then, Lil Tecca’s shine seems to be fading away.  But that is not to say he has stopped putting in work.

And to prove it to his fans, Lil Tecca is here with his brand new single. As he returns to the fold maintaining his hit profile. Never Left by Lil Tecca, is hitting SoundCloud to deliver a his new single.

In addition, lyrically Never Left finds Tecca in a confident state. And truth to be told, has the young man not earned the right to flex? Though not quite as immediately accessible as some of his previous work.  

Moreover, in his latest single Tecca proves that his melodic instincts are still sharp. “Know it’s going to be easy to me, I got a bankroll,” he raps, in a singsong cadence. “Shorties doing what I say so cause they on payroll / I got all purple on my shoes; I look like Saints Row / if I let you take my flick you better catch my angles.”

Check out Lil Tecca’s new single now, and sound off if you’re eager to see where he goes next.


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