Eminem – 3 A.M. || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Eminem – 3 A.M. || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

On this day Twelve years ago, Eminem delivered his horror homage ‘Relapse.’ Kicking off with the sinister Dr. Dre produced 3 A.M. by Eminem.

Relapse was his first latest hip hop album since 2004’s Encore, and Twelve years ago; on this day Eminem returned from a lengthy hiatus to release Relapse. Dr. Dre produced in near entirety; the project emerged as loosely conceptual homage to horror.

Well, the song was one of Dr. Dre’s most cinematic and disturbing work of his career. It is seen Slim Shady standing at the centre, maniacally depraved; firmly entrenched in the persona of a fictitious serial killer and determined to sow carnage.

Besides, the lead single 3 A.M. by Eminem set the record straight high. Fueled by a menacing Dre instrumental; Em whips together labyrinthian flows as he weaves violent tapestries.

Here’s hoping that Em can begin to see Relapse in a new light. As fans already know, its long-lost sequel currently remains indefinitely vaulted. Yet as any good horror aficionado knows, Em included — nothing stays buried forever.

Go listen to this major throw back from the legend Eminem that was released on this day twelve years ago.


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