Denzel Curry – Bad Luck (ft. PlayThatBoiZay) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Denzel Curry – Bad Luck (ft. PlayThatBoiZay) NEW HIP HOP SONGS

The new duet Bad Luck by Denzel Curry and PlayThatBoiZay is here. The singer goes full death metal on the aggressive on their latest hip hop track.

So, Denzel and PlayThatBoiZay is teaming up for the first time for their new single Bad Luck. When is comes to rock music Denzel Curry never been shy away from it. In addition, previously he has us all impressed; with a committed cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade.” And now, he is taking it further than ever before with his new metal track Bad Luck by Denzel Curry with PlayThatBoiZay. A brutalizing cut off the Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack; which draws inspiration from the upcoming DC comic series.

Moreover, rather appropriately, Denzel commits to the death metal style for this one.  He is pushing his voice to the furthest limit. As he and PlayThatBoiZay scream and shrieks over chugging distorted guitars. A far cry from Zel’s typical hip hop stylings; it’s possible that this one may prove alienating to some. Even though, it also showcases an undeniably unique facet of Denzel’s artistry. Not to mention a versatility that could merit further exploration.

You guys check out the Death Metal-inspired “Bad Luck” now. And sound off if you’re into this new sound from Denzel Curry.

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