2KBABY – Lazy Song Remix || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

2KBABY – Lazy Song Remix || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

2KBABY is here mixing it up with Bruno Mars tune and drops a latest hip hop banger. Lazy Song Remix by 2KBABY is the new rendition of The Lazy Song tune by Bruno Mars.

So, it looks like this the new hip hop trend where artists are refurbishing some beloved pop songs. This has always been around, as we have seen before with the infamous “Who I Smoke.” which added a blood-spattered coat of paint to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”

And now 2KBABY is here with a new take on Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.” Lazy Song Remix by 2KBABY is offering a laid back and melodic drop for his fans.

“Nowadays n***as clique up with any gang,” he sings, borrowing Bruno’s classic melody. “I just want to see them all dead / I’m too high can’t pick up my phone, this new opp pack smoke way too strong.” As tends to be the case on tracks like this, the juxtaposition is really the driving factor; who doesn’t appreciate a bit of casual violence over an uplifting and innocent backdrop? One has to wonder if we’re looking at the new movement taking shape before our very eyes.

So check out 2KBABY’s “Lazy Song Remix” right now.

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